Thursday, 1 October 2009

On Further Thought ... Vacuum

Well, on further reflection and following my last post, I'm of the view that any linking of chora with the vacuum that envelops - and permeates - objects in Graham's OOO is probably redundant or misleading. At minimum I probably need to finish reading Guerrilla Metaphysics and find time to think this through before I start speculating about how concept X seems a little like concept Y, therefore .... Firewalls, though, remain intriguing and possibly require far more work than Graham has so for given them; although, again, I need to keep reading.

On another matter this is Fresher's Week and, while it is always a pleasure to see new students, it is also a tiring week with many introductory talks, meetings, plus admin and timetabling issues to untangle. Teaching starts next week and it will then take a little time to adapt to the rhythmn of the new teaching schedule. Settling in to the environs of different teaching rooms and the new pattern of modules and teaching hours is always an unusual process. Changes in rooms create an entirely different feel to a course, plus the ordering of modules and lectures during a day can have a very pronounced effect on the tone of subsequent lectures. Simply looking at the timetable is never quite enough, you have to live it for a few weeks.

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