Friday, 2 October 2009

The Objects of 2009

While attempting to create a grid of all the lectures that I am teaching across several modules this year, I was reminded of the lists of Object-Oriented Ontology. Simply combining my lists and arranging them in alphabetical order was sufficient to generate an unusual run of lecture materials and objects.

Absurdity of Life I, II and III; Alternative histories I and II; Authenticity and Appropriation (religious) I and II; Argumentation; Cyberspace Religions; Death & Mortality I, II and III; Determinism and Free Will; Doomsday Argument, the, I and II; Feminist approaches to the Study of Religion; Feminist Theology, Thealogy & Queer theology I and II; Goddess, The, I, II and III; Goddess Spirituality; Heathenism I and II; Heidegger and the Question of Being I, II and III; Immortality I and II; Insiders / Outsiders; Language, Philosophy of; Life and Meaning; Living Well; Mind, Philosophy of; Modern Satanism; Mothers, Goddesses and Cyborgs I and II; Myth, Fantasy and Re-enchantment; New Age I and II; New Religions and Conversion; Other-than-human I and II; Pagan Revival I and II; Personal Identity I, II and III; Phenomenological Ontology I, II, III & IV; Psychology of Religion; Purpose of Life I and II; Scientology; Self-Fulfilment I and II; Shamanism I and II; Sociology of Religion; Studying Religious “Others”; Theories of Truth I and II; UFO Religions; and Wicca I, II and III.

The list certainly brings home a point from Guerrilla Metaphysics about bizarre chains of entities and whether they can possibly be candidates for substancehood. The only linking factor for this disparate chain is myself.

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Anonymous said...

I guess we are not such anti-humanists after all if our lists require a lister. I've found in talks that people get a kick out of the lists. I recommend trying it out on an undergrad class just to see their bemused reaction at seeing objects listed rather than properties *of* objects.