Saturday, 5 September 2009

Definitions and Parameters

Graham Harman has made a valuable attempt at deploying some boundaries around Object Oriented Ontology here and also offers some useful comments on the relationship of OOO with Speculative Realism.

In order to let people know who is welcome inside this smaler tent within the larger tent of S.R., I would offer the following preliminary standards for what counts as an OOO in my sense and presumably Levi’s:
1. The human-world relation loses priority. All
relations are on exactly the same ontological footing.
2. Relations are inherently transformations, translations, or distortions. No model of a thing can replace that thing, and hence truth cannot be correspondence: one reality, but many truths.
3. Objects come in all different sizes. No layer of reality has privilege over any other.
He clarifies point 3 here.

So, I would probably change point 3 to something like: “Individual entities are the basic reality in the cosmos.” This would suitably include both Aristotle and Leibniz while excluding such interesting but rather different thinkers as, say, Deleuze and Simondon, who are obviously by no means OOO figures, whereas Latour certainly is. (And Whitehead too, I would say.)

Basically, I reckon I'm in with the OOO crowd; although I have a range of affinities with Bergson, Deleuze, DeLanda, Nietzsche and some others that need to be resolved and unpacked over the coming months.

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